Irene Pérez

I’m Irene Pérez, an illustrator and printmaker based in Barcelona. Growing up between Ibiza and Castellón (Spain), I started developing my artistic personality by studying Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Valencia. When I finished my studies, a desire to discover other cultures made me move to different countries. These experiences are reflected in my work. I find inspiration in folk tales and rituals, mostly from Latin American and Asian cultures. I have a lot of experience working in graphic design and advertising. I believe it’s really important to understand the needs of the client and to always think on the conceptual side of the project. I love collaborating on projects related to design, press, music, books (both for adults and children), social, fashion and culture in general. I also enjoy teaching Digital Illustration at Esdesign Barcelona. Myths, rituals, animals, plants, insects, flowers, magic environments, earth, literature, cinema or music are frequent key elements in my work.